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Front and Center | January 19, 2018

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School’s In Session

School’s In Session

We seem to say the same thing each year – how can it be possible for school to be back in session?  This summer has gone by fast but you have to admit…packages of colorful markers and new shiny sneakers are kind of exciting, right?  Now that the house has quieted down from all of the summer activities, it might be fun to give those kiddo spaces a little freshening up along with their closets and backpacks.  Start with a few tips to spruce up your mini’s spaces:

– First up is creating a color scheme. While the most obvious choices for kids’ rooms are blue for boys and pink for girls, there are a plethora of other combinations that are less gender-specific and more appealing over time. Parents can never go wrong using green in their child’s room, whether for a son or a daughter. Darker greens such as olive or hunter can easily take on a more masculine appearance, depending on how they’re paired. Muted greens and citrus-toned greens are often considered more feminine.

– Make the room multi-functional.  In addition to designating an area of the room for sleeping, it’s wise to incorporate a seating space and a separate homework station. With attention to scale and proportion, this can be achieved easily without cluttering the room spatially or decoratively. Armless chairs take up less visual space than armchairs, plus they offer comfortable seating for when friends or relatives visit. They also work well as a comfortable spot to read.

– Consider an open space plan.  To open up the room and allow open playspace in the center, consider placing the bed sideways, parallel to the wall. This daybed-style layout frees up valuable square footage so young children can enjoy the center of the room as a play area. As children reach their tween or teen years, this layout allows the bed to double as a lounge area, perfect for hanging out with friends.

– Many times, a bathroom is attached to a child’s room.  Instead of going overboard with items your kids will quickly outgrow, keep the lines clean and simple and easy for them to use.  Focus the accents on more affordable and easily changeable items in these spaces, such as the paint on the walls and fun bath towels.

– Have fun!!


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