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Front and Center | January 19, 2018

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On the sweet front: Macaroons

On the sweet front: Macaroons

The French macaroon (not to be confused with the more traditional coconut macaroon) has been showing up in American bakery cases, over the past few years.  Traditionally found throughout Paris, they’re now showing up across the United States…including some bakeries in the Denver area.  (check out Bijou X Macarons, D Bar, Les Delices de Paris)  The basic recipe combines egg whites, sugar and ground almonds to create round outer shells which sandwich a thin flavored center. They can be found in a breathtaking array of colors and truly any flavor you could dream of.  The color combinations could inspire any interior…from accessories to fabrics to artwork.

Just one example are the luxurious offerings from Edelman Leather, located within the Denver Design District.  Their collections, like the flavor and color offerings in a delightful box of macaroons, range from rich and luscious to vivacious and lively.


 images from: Edelman Leather , Lost in France, Natalieparamore, Haiku Girl

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