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Front and Center | February 19, 2018

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In the Garden

In the Garden

Is it finally safe to say “it’s officially gardening season in Colorado” ? We sure hope so.  Kicking off the season is The Denver Botanical Gardens‘ annual Spring Plant Sale, which will be held on May 9th and 10th.  Not only that, they are hosting a previewing party on Thursday, May 8th.  What a great way to find inspiration and get a jump start on collecting some live lovelies for your home.  We spoke with a few local growing aficionados to learn some tips and secrets to help get your garden grow lush and strong with…


Colorado is notorious for its rocky clay soil, which presents many challenges for gardeners.  Chosing native plants, especially low water and deer tolerate varieties, will provide more gain as the summer approaches.  Along those lines, be sure to pay attention to the citywide watering policies and understand that a dry season with a lot of restrictions is a definite possibility.  Be sure to pay attention to the plant’s watering and sunning directions to ensure they receive the right amount of both each day.  Keeping a planting journal, where you can keep track of the directions and even create a basic landscaping plan, can help keep you on task and organized as well.  Those directions also tell you about plant spacing…which is another important factor.  Do not overcrowd your plant beds. Certain plants need to be spaced a specific distance from each other to ensure that their roots and blooms can stretch out.

Use organic mulches and soils to improve the condition of your soil over a period of a few years.   Composting is a fantastic way to create natural food for your plants and soil.

Use our naturally rocky landscape to your benefit…Layering shrubs and wildflowers among rocks is an easy way to create a full, colorful and natural landscape.


Remember that beautiful landscapes don’t have to be a lot of work. By picking the right plants and you can enjoy a low maintanence yard and garden that’s filled with color and beauty.  We’ve pulled together a group of pretty, hardy perennials  that are among the easiest to grow in this region.


From top to bottom, left to right:

Rocky Mountain Columbine, Liatris, Purple Cone Flower

Sedum, Dianthus, Oxeye Daisy

Fireweed, Russian Sage, Poppy Mallow

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