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Front and Center | January 19, 2018

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Set In Stone

Set In Stone

These crisp cool evenings conjure up romantic plans of snuggling up by the crackling fire.  And with the Fall and Winter seasons within our grasp…nothing gives your home the perfect focal point for holiday decorating than an amazing mantel as your canvas.  Whether the fireplace is indoors or out, and whether your style is classic, elegant or modern…you’d better make sure yours is dressed for the occasion!


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While many are drawn to the classic styles of fireplace mantels, such as the French-Country designs, British Colonial designs and Art Deco designs, a growing number of home owners are seeking new, more modern styles.  New trends in fireplace mantels include designs influenced by modern trends in interior design. Some of these trends include flowing or curving lines, variations on geometric shapes, and even novel shapes and decorations that are influenced by local and international cultures.

Fireplaces are no longer just for living rooms. It’s common to have fireplaces in  bedrooms and even bathrooms, bringing a spa-like quality to the room. Kitchens are another place where fireplaces are showing up more often, recalling the kitchen’s traditional place as the hearth and heart of the home. And don’t forget the backyard..outdoor fireplaces create the perfect focal point for an outdoor living room.






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