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Front and Center | January 19, 2018

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Design Trend: Pewter Countertops

Design Trend: Pewter Countertops

FRANÇOIS & CO. is proud to introduce De Corbusier Metal. Sophistication and timeless style are at the heart of this signature collection of countertops that faithfully interpret the classic pewter of the 1930s Parisian bistros.

De Corbusier’s metals — Pewter, Brass, Zinc, and Copper — are melted, liquefied and then cast into forms. Each of these metals offers an authentic and durable surface with exquisite texture and mature patina. The collection ranges from the artfully crafted countertops to the impressive range hoods.

RODIN: Make a bold statement in pewter. A 6” edge with an opulant beaded silhouette, this style evokes the timeless look and feel of French bistros.


Pewter 2


GARNIER: Classic and clean, this 3” hand-molded edge is graceful in any setting. Suitable in traditional, transitional, and modern environments, the Garnier edge is a perfect finishing touch.


Garnier 2


MARIANNE: With a variety of height choices the beaded accent of the Marinne adds a beautiful finishing touch for any kitchen design.

Marianne 2



DIJON: A clean, squared-edge detail with a perfectly-scaled bead in the midsection. Crisp and tailored, this 3” edge is easily adapted into any design environment.

Dijon 2

Dijon 1





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