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Front and Center | February 19, 2018

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The Traveling Gourmet

The Traveling Gourmet

The food truck trend has been sweeping the country these last few summers, and by the looks of it, it’s here to stay. A food truck, by definition, is simply a mobile kitchen venue that transports and sells food.  Some simply sell frozen or prepackaged foods, while others are truly a restaurant on wheels.

Modern-day food trucks aren’t just ordinary taco trucks or snack vans one might find at a construction job site.  These gourmet trucks have menus of varying of ethnic and fusion cuisine, with lots of gourmet type options. The phenomenon has significantly grown in popularity, serving gourmet ice cream, street tacos, cupcakes, waffles, burgers and fries…the selections are endless.  Often focusing on limited, but creative dishes at reasonable prices, they offer customers a chance to experience food they otherwise may not have.  Many are small, privately run and park at festivals, farmer’s markets  and street blocks with other trucks.  Some larger restaurants are capitalizing on the concept and sending mobile versions of their popular venues out on the streets to capture a wider audience.

The Denver market is no exception.  Civic Center Eats has become a summer staple to the downtown activities calendar.  For the 9th year running, the event runs from early June to late September.  Every Tuesday and Thursday, Denver’s historic Civic Center Park turns into an incredible venue in which to experience Denver’s growing gourmet food truck scene.

Civic Center Eats

If you aren’t able to make out to this particular event, no need to worry.  The Denver food truck schedule is alive and running throughout the year. There are several sites available to check out the varying types of trucks as well as where they plan to be parked throughout the year.  Where is That Food Truck , Roaming Hunger and Den Food Trucks are all excellent resources for scouting out what is available in our market.

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