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Front and Center | January 20, 2018

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Current Trend: Dressing Up Your Floors

Current Trend: Dressing Up Your Floors

We continue to see hard floor coverings as a trend in home design with more and more people choosing hardwood, bamboo, cork, concrete and tile. These wide expanses of bare floors can make an interior feel cold and unwelcoming. Adding an area rug (or multiple rugs) adds comfort, warmth and character to a room, and can be used to define different spaces within a larger room.

chandra 1Chandra Rugs, available at Charles Eisen & Associates


For determining your area rug size and placement, it greatly depends on the layout of your room and furniture. A few tips to consider: we recommend selecting an area rug slightly smaller than the area covered by your furniture, while keeping the front two legs of sofas or chairs placed on the area rug.  The rug should be large enough to anchor and support the gathering space, yet allow enough exposed flooring for circulation.  Be sure to not cover the entire floor with an area rug.  If you prefer a more covered approach, a good rule of thumb is to keep the rug 9-12″ from the baseboards, which leave an exposed floor border.

Also know that you don’t have to limit your space to just one rug.  Using multiple rugs to define the separate areas in a big room will create definition and help make a large space feel more comfortable and balanced. Selecting rugs that complement and coordinate with each other will help to maintain harmony and cohesiveness in the overall design.



Color and Pattern

Don’t be afraid to be daring! Break out of your decorating comfort zone. A good rug can anchor the entire composition of a room and bring something unexpected to a space by using a unique texture and/or a jolt of color. We are seeing a definite trend toward bold colors, chunky textures and rich patterns.  Keeping walls and furnishings neutral allows a bold rug to truly take center stage and its a great way to add color to a room. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you have vibrant walls and/or furniture pieces, a neutral rug in an amazing texture or pattern can add just the right amount of balance. A monochromatic color palette can also be greatly enhanced by a highly textural rug.


Interlock, Edelman Leather


chandra 2

Chandra Rugs, available at Charles Eisen & Associates

The Layered Effect

There is another trend we’ve been seeing quite a bit lately…layering rugs. While it seems strange at first, layering can be a fun way to bring in multiple colors and textures however, they do need to work together and connect with the furniture pieces to keep from feeling chaotic.  For the look to work, make sure the layering effect is visible by allowing the bottom rug to poke out from underneath the top rug.

layered rugs

Image from Houzz


Image from Apartment Therapy

** Feature image is Rosecore, available at TOWN


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