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Front and Center | January 19, 2018

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Ceilings: The 5th Wall

Ceilings: The 5th Wall

The ceiling is a huge piece of real estate in a room, yet its color is often overlooked as a conscious design choice. Although it’s tempting to avoid, committing to color can totally transforms a room. It’s often considered the fifth wall by designers, and rightly so!  The key is to finding the right color and design for this extra canvas in your rooms.

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The right ceiling paint also makes a huge difference. For a rich, sophisticated look, choose Benjamin Moore’s Waterborne Ceiling Paint. Specifically formulated for ceilings, its ultra-flat finish absorbs more light than even the flattest wall paint, eliminating ceiling glare and hiding a multitude of common surface imperfections. With its low reflective quality, it gives you a beautiful flat look that is virtually flawless. Our Waterborne Ceiling Paint is available in thousands of gorgeous colors. Also, it’s fast-drying, goes on easily, and is spatter-resistant—leaving nothing but pure, beautiful color overhead.
The next time you’re ready to refresh the look of a room and don’t know where to begin—look up! Adding color to your ceiling requires no more time or effort than painting it white, yet this simple act can completely transform the look and feel of a room.

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A few ceiling painting tips:

White paint makes ceilings appear higher and brighter than they actually are. When the walls are white too, the room is airy and open.

Painting the ceiling the same color as the rest of the room creates a rich and full atmosphere that feels complete.

Altering the ceiling color to be several shades darker or lighter that the walls. You still get the soothing nature from a unified space, with a touch more depth and dimension.

Painting the ceiling a totally different, or contrasting, color adds character and interest.

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