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Front and Center | January 19, 2018

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Inspired By … Art In Our Own Backyard

Inspired By … Art In Our Own Backyard

The Articulated Wall… an 85-foot tall canary-yellow sculpture, designed by Herbert Bayer  and located in front of the Denver Design District’s main entrance, is recognized as one of Denver’s major landmarks.   The original developer of the Denver Design Center first saw the articulated wall in Mexico City and decided it would be a perfect landmark for the property. The original sculpture was built for the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City and stands approximately 60 – feet tall. The original artist, Herbert Bayer, was commissioned to build the sculpture exactly like the original, only taller! The sculpture was completed in 1986 and stands 85-feet tall. Shortly after its construction, the “Articulated Wall” was donated to the Denver Art Museum as a part of its three-dimensional outdoor sculpture collection.

Fun facts about the “Articulated Wall”:

– It is constructed of 32 pieces of pre-fabricated concrete elements each measuring 41′ x 5′-2″ x 2′-7″.
– The wall is held together, through the center of the sculpture, with a refueling mast taken from an aircraft carrier.
– Two million pounds of concrete were used to create the 85-foot tall sculpture.

Bayer himself has an interesting history as well:


Hired by industrialist and visionary Walter Paepcke in 1946, Bayer moved to Aspen, Colorado as Paepcke promoted skiing as a popular sport. Bayer’s architectural work in the town included co-designing the Aspen Institute and restoring the Wheeler Opera House, but his production of promotional posters identified skiing with wit, excitement, and glamour.   — Wikipedia



Harper's Bazaar

Cover Design – Harper’s Bazaar from 1940, designed by Herbert Bayer.



We can’t help but be drawn to the boldness of color and lines often found in Bauhaus, represented in this well known piece of art.  From fabrics to your dessert plate…to that pop of yellow on your front door.  What better inspiration for this time of year?


Front door in Benjamin Moore Paint “Sun Kissed Yellow”



Fabric available through Schumacher , Queen of Spain series.



Yellow Caftan Dress available through Vaunte 



Old Fashioned Lemon Bars





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