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Front and Center | January 19, 2018

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Around the World – Modern Global Design

Around the World – Modern Global Design

This Spring, we are seeing colors, patterns and textures drawing inspiration from all over the globe… from India’s rich history of textiles to the sun-bleached palette of Mediterrranean beaches.  From language to cuisine to furnishings, there is a heightened appreciation for the world’s diverse design and cultural heritage.  Gorgeous fabrics, wallcoverings and carpets are showing up with cultural influences and blending with our modern interiors… creating a Modern Global Design esthetic.  This a meeting place for natural materials, worldly finds and exotic textiles. The style balances the warmth of traditional rooms with clean contemporary lines, creating a look that suits interiors the world over.  It tells the story of a life well-traveled (or dreams of traveling!) and blends natural materials with exotic finds and plenty of bold patterns.

Global style in a contemporary space can mean the inclusion of one incredible design element, like a large scale Indian screen, in an otherwise minimal space. Patterns and textiles can add texture and interest without being colorful.  However, color is also an easy way to invoke the feel of faraway lands even in a minimalist room. This design style often leads to an eclectic mixing of furnishing from different eras as well as different countries.

Modern Global Design allows you to travel across the globe, and even back in time.  Whether your passport has stamps from more locations that you can count or the closest you get to traveling the world is just dreaming of doing so, creating a worldly home that reflects your personal interests and passions is easier than you may think.  We can’t all afford to travel the world building our collections but you can still achieve the look through local resources.


These beautiful textiles, by Pindler & Pindler and available through Hoff Miller, are woven using recycled saris and heavy raw silk that are handloomed. Since it is handloomed, every piece will be unique and variations are to be expected and considered its natural charm.


Chiang Mai Dragon fabric, available through Schumacher


Heirloom India, Echo Design’s latest collection with Kravet, is a wonderfully eclectic ode to India’s rich history of textiles. The prints, inspired by traditional block prints and woven ikat techniques, have been interpreted into a modern statement of color and pattern that layer beautifully with sophisticated wovens, ranging from plains and hand-loomed stripes, to washed and embroidered.


The shores of the Mediterranean have inspired another collection of linen prints and woven fabrics, from Kravet, called Mediterraneo.




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