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Front and Center | January 20, 2018

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An Organized Home: Work Spaces

An Organized Home: Work Spaces

Many times, space is at a minimum and you may not have an entire spare bedroom to dedicate to a work space.  Your home office might be sharing space with the family room, guest bedroom or kitchen.  It is helpful to divide your workspace, no matter how small, into zones:

  • The Work Zone, which includes a clear workspace, the computer and frequently-used office products.
  • The Reference Zone, which includes binders, manuals, dictionary and professional books and materials.
  • The Supply Zone, which contains office and paper supplies.

Tribeca Drop Front Desk_Century

Tribeca Drop Front Desk, available through Century Furniture

Double duty furniture can also help make the most out of small or untidy workspaces.  A drop down leaf desk or designing a desk inside an armour lets you instantly access―or hide away―your office.

Folio Desk_Town

Folio Desk, Available through Town

Huxley Writing Desk_Carter

Huxley Writing Desk, Available through Carter Didlake, Inc.

When you can’t devote an entire room to a home office, save space by saying good-bye to clunky desks. Keep things streamlined by using a smaller profile desk with horizontal drawer storage.  Or, opt for sturdy shelves to house your computer and keyboard.  Your office can’t spread out? Then go up: Make smart use of vertical wall space.


Barbara Barry, Realized Arm Chair, Available through Whitney Evans Ltd.

Integrate your work area into another room―like a guest room/home office―by sticking with a consistent scheme, from bedding to organizational baskets and files.  These small details―matching storage boxes, desk lamp and accessories―bring a calm sense of order to a home work area.  Then pull everything together with a bold patterned piece, such as a great fabric on the desk chair or fun wallcovering for an accent wall.  Remember that your desk chair doesn’t have to look like it came straight from the office…elegant lines, bold fabric choices or unique styling can make it the perfect accent piece.


Grand Tour Collection Tray, Century Designer Showroom

Be mobile – A desktop tray lets you transport your work from kitchen counter to dining room table to outdoor patio.

Home office organizing can be designing a workspace, making a creative space or  simply clutter clearing and organizing your current office. Any decluttering and  organizing you do will jumpstart your creativity, efficiency and effectiveness!



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