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Front and Center | January 19, 2018

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An Organized Home: The Entryway

An Organized Home: The Entryway

One of the best ways to kick start a new year is to get organized.  Doesn’t it feel great to purge out the old and unused and emmerge with lovely spaces that are easy to manage?  The first of our An Organized Home series focuses on making a great first impression by keeping your entryway organized.  The first step is to decide exactly what function you would like your entryway to serve.  Is this a busy hub for your family?  Do you want this space to feel elegant and focused on decor?  It’s hard to ignore disorganization in the entryway since it’s the first thing you see each time you enter your home and each time you leave it. Being more organized here means decluttering regularly and setting the space up so that you are maximizing every inch available.

– Don’t be afraid to welcome others into your home with a bold, beautiful wallcovering.  If this is a contained space, meaning there is a good place to begin and end a wallcovering, a great color or pattern could add a fantastic impact to this area.  Also, fun fabric patterns or an accent paint color can be fun additions.

–  If this is a family center, make sure every person in your household has his or her own dedicated spot for specific things. This is especially crucial with children. Diving storage spaces by person helps to keep the area organized, and more importantly, helps household members establish habits. If they’re used to always hanging their work or school bag up on their own hook, they’ll be more likely to hang it up in the same spot each time than simply discarding it on the floor.

– Stop dirt at the door by setting a boot tray next to the front door. Make everyone feel welcome by filling a basket with pairs of slippers.

– If you have room, an additional furniture piece, even something fun like lockers, can be used to catch all of those extra items and keep your entrway looking tidy.


Console table, mirror and bench available through Century Designer Showroom.

– If you want to brighten your entryway, and create that last minute spot to double check yourself before walking out the door, add a mirror.  Place a console table or shelf below to anchor and balance and provide a drop off spot for small items.

– Fresh flowers always brighten everyone’s morning and are a great way to welcome family memebers home!  Keep a vase on the console table ready to fill.


Bench, mirror and console table available through Kneedler-Fauchere.

– Add a bench, if you have the room, for putting on shoes and adding comfort to the space.  Find one with built in drawers for extra storage or place decorative baskets underneath.


Console table, mirrors and cabinet available through Whitney-Evans, Ltd.

– Create a welcoming center to help keep you organized the moment you walk through the door. A coordinated sorting station, with one color assigned to each family member, anchors household activities and the entryway’s decor.  Include a calendar, chalkboard for leaving notes and reminders, a mail station and of course… Don’t forget a trusty spot to leave those keys!


Cabinet, mirror and bench available through Town.

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