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Front and Center | January 19, 2018

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A Warming Trend – Brass

A Warming Trend – Brass

Brass is definitely making a very popular come back.  We are seeing it in everything from tables, lighting and plumbing fixtures to jewerly and fashion.  With its rich gleam and sculptural weight, this metal is experiencing a resurgence. And with so many designers looking to previous decades for inspiration, it’s inevitable that brass and bronze will show up more.  After such long popularity of colder metals, such as chrome and stainless steel, there is a welcome warmth brass gives an interior, whether it be a modern or traditional space.  The golden hue of the metal provides a subtle, elegant gleam. It mixes well with other metals and its patina gets even better with age.

The biggest difference, this time around, is a less shiny finish…the brass we are seeing now tends to be ‘affected’ in some way – hammered, brushed, blackened or etched. This new generation of brass is more about style and less about bling. Both brass and gold  finishes are more subtle this time around with warm rather than yellow tones.  Antiqued and brushed finishes seem to be the most popular and the focus is to work with the decor rather than to create a bold statement.


1. Oval Base Table available through Kravet   2. Coupelle Chandelier available through Town   3. Bleached Parchment and Brass Console Table available through Century Designer Showroom   4. Dodsworth Lamp available through John Brooks   5/6/7.  Plumbing fixtures available through Waterworks


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