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Front and Center | January 19, 2018

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A Spiky Spring Trend

A Spiky Spring Trend

One of our favorite new trends in interiors is the sculptural drought-friendly cactus. Pineapples were popping up everywhere last season but the fruity-inspired boom is over and a new cactus trend is emerging.  A longtime fixture in southwestern design, they’ve ventured beyond the usual warm-weather confines to interiors across the globe.  We find the amazing architecture in Palm Springs to be a big contributor to the inspiration.

They’re a favourite of the non-green thumbs among us and have long been the go-to plant when all else fails.  Cactus are hardy, easy-to-care for and look great on display in any room of the house.

Easy to care for and with many styling possibilities, a cactus is easy greenery with wow factor.  One of the easiest ways to incorporate cactus into your interiors is to display the plant — and current trends dictate the bigger, the better.  By opting to display a large-scale cactus in your space, you make it the room’s focal point; the object your eye goes to the moment you enter.

Taken outdoors and used in a repeat pattern, they are an exceptional design element. Nothing adds more texture and interest to a garden.


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