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Front and Center | March 19, 2018

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A Grande Tour of Textures with S. Harris

A Grande Tour of Textures with S. Harris

Fresh, avant-garde and energetic, S. Harris delivers unique, lavish and distinct fabrics for modern spaces. Designers, specifiers and architects look to their transformative constructions and designs, and contemporary color combinations to transform their visions for their home interior and hospitality projects. Over a century of rich traditions and fashion-forward fabric designs are found within S. Harris.


It’s the perfect partnership for a new fabric line from Roger Thomas… head of design for Wynn Hotels and Resorts, and creator of world-famous interiors for the company’s hotels in the U.S. and China.  Roger Thomas’ second collection of fabrics for S. Harris is rolling out to markets this fall. He calls the collection “The Grand Tour.”  Almost every pattern has an intriguing back story. As with many of Roger’s designs, most begin life as a sketch.  We look forward to seeing how designers introduce this collection into their interiors.



 “My latest fabric collection for S. Harris is called Grand Tour. The original Grand Tour, of course, was something rich young European men did long before railroads ushered in mass transport, making a pilgrimage of sorts to commonly agreed cultural highlights. I like to think of myself as on a continuing grand tour of life. As I travel around the world several times a year, I collect sketches and memories. Some of them are now part of this new collection – fabrics I’ve been wishing for, but haven’t found on the market.”  Roger Thomas



S. Harris fabrics available through MODA Antica


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